2022 Minnesota Field Crop Trials

The 2022 Field Crop Trials include results for: barley, canola, corn grain, corn silage, oat, soybean, spring wheat, winter rye, and winter wheat.

Click on the links below to view the report for each crop. The PDF version of each report contains data for only 2022. The webpage links include the 2022 data and reports, provide links to previous years' trials, and provide additional resources related to each crop.

Crop PDF version of 2022 report Webpage link for crop trial
Barley Barley PDF report Barley variety trials webpage
Canola Canola PDF report Canola variety trials webpage
Corn grain Corn grain PDF report Corn grain variety trials webpage
Corn silage Corn silage PDF report (additional data coming soon) Corn silage variety trials webpage
Oat Oat PDF report Oat variety trials webpage
Soybean Soybean PDF report Soybean variety trials webpage
Spring wheat Spring wheat PDF report Spring wheat variety trials webpage
Winter rye Winter rye PDF report Winter rye variety trials webpage
Winter wheat

Winter wheat PDF report (coming soon)

Winter wheat variety trials webpage