MN-Rothsay wheat

MN-Rothsay wheat

The University of Minnesota released the MN-Rothsay hard red spring wheat variety in 2022. MN-Rothsay features a good combination of yield, protein, and disease resistance and exceptional straw strength. 

Key characteristics

  • Very high yields
  • Excellent straw strength
  • Good test weight
  • Resistant to preharvest sprouting

Where to find seed

MN-Rothsay is distributed by Minnesota Crop Improvement Association members. Visit the MCIA website - - for a list of Certified seed producers or contact MCIA at 1-800-510-6242.

Additional details

“MN-Rothsay has straw strength comparable to Linkert but has about 10% higher grain yield,” says Jim Anderson, University of Minnesota wheat breeder in the Department of Agronomy and Plant Genetics. “The exceptional straw strength of Linkert was largely responsible for its 5-year reign from 2016-2020 as the most popular variety in the state. We expect MN-Rothsay’s higher grain yields, which are comparable or higher than other popular varieties, and improved disease resistance compared to Linkert will be attractive to growers and increase wheat productivity.”

Prior to being formally named, MN-Rothsay was tested as MN15005-4. The line stood out in both state and regional trials including the Uniform Regional Nurseries trials where it finished 2nd in grain yield out of 33 experimental entries in 2018, 8th out of 34 in 2019, and had the best straw strength of all entries in both years. 

MN-Rothsay, a medium maturity variety, continues to perform well in yield trials. It has a protein level higher than other top yielding varieties with good test weight and a good rating for pre-harvest sprouting. MN-Rothsay has moderate overall disease resistance, with a very good rating for leaf and stem rust and average Fusarium head blight rating. 

Jochum Wiersma, University of Minnesota Extension Small Grains Specialist, stresses, “The value growers place of straw strength can not be overstated, making MN-Rothsay the logical choice to replace Linkert in the U’s line-up.”

The release is named in honor of the city of Rothsay, Minn., which is an area of the state with a long history of wheat production.