Seed laws and IP

The intellectual property rights of the breeders or owners of the variety are listed as one of the following:

  • PVP - PVP protection means that the variety is protected under the Plant Variety Protection Act for a period of 20 years.
  • PVP(pending) - PVP(pending) indicates that the PVP application has been made and that you should consider the variety to have the same intellectual property rights as those provided by PVP(94).
  • PVP(94) - PVP(94) means that the variety is protected for 20 years with the additional stipulation that seed of the variety can only be sold as registered and certified classes of seed.
  • Patent - The designation of ‘Patent’ means that the variety is protected by a utility patent and that farm-saved seed may be prohibited by the patent holder.
  • None - The designation ‘None’ means that the breeder or owner never requested any intellectual property protection or that legal protection has expired.

Additional information is available about the Minnesota Seed Regulatory Program.